I’m not sure friends and family all knew or not, but  for about the past year, I have been wanting to get into photography… like REALLY GET INTO PHOTOGRAPHY!!!! One year later, i finally save up enough money to purchase a camera (currently shooting with an EOS Canon Rebel t3i). Ever since that day (01/22/2012) I have not gone a day with out shooting. Its come to my attention that this is really something that I am passionate about. Something that I receive genuine joy from.

We all are familiar with the “American Dream” making a living off of doing what you love to do, and I think I have found that. So much so that my own love for photography has pushed me to make moves. quickly. With in two weeks of owning my camera I started my OWN photography company, HATE/LOVE, LLC. and registered my copy write and all. I’ll never forget the feeling i had after working my first gig, going to the bank the next day and depositing money into my BUSINESS’ bank account, and then PAY MYSELF. Off of something that I love to do, an art form that people, for AGES, have loved and appreciated. CAPTURING MOMENTS OF LIFE IN ITS MOST BEAUTIFUL FORM. aside from pursuing my degree in CIS; photography will always be something I am growing in and learning about. Its also great to have a few people in your corner, who are very successful in the art form, so willing to push and help out where ever they can. THEY ALL ARE EVEN YOUNGER THAN ME.

Enough of my rant, as I slowly continue to build my business and increase my love for photography, I thank every one who has and will support me.

This IS my website where I’ll be showcasing my work on a consistent basis so check back regularly!


Anthony Robinson




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