Had a GREAT time working with this youngin. She was great to work with, so this made shooting her grad/Bday pics a blast. oh and TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY! Look out for her as she heads down to Spellman and keep her in prayer.



A few weeks ago, I had the joy of shooting my NEW LITTLE SISTER’S coming out show. BOY, DID THEY DO AN EXCELLENT JOB! TAKE A LOOK!

Here is episode 2 of my docu-series featuring STL’s own, DJ CLIMATE



Took the time out a couple weeks ago to get some nature shots in. I had a GREAT TIME with one shot in particular. the struggle of trying to get it was tedious. SUCCESS THOUGH! ENJOY!

A few weeks ago, while shooting an event, I conjured up the idea to start a small documentary series about performing arts and artists. Through out these episodes I will be exploring everything from dance, poetry, live music, etc.

My first episode is featuring a poet out of Kansas City, Missouri. A young man, very passionate about his art form. ENJOY!!!